HUM:ARC is an international network for those interested in humanitarian architecture. It got started as a workshop in European Architecture Students Assembly EASA in Ireland in 2008 by Noora Aaltonen, Åshild Yri Åagren and Inari Virkkala. If you have something you'd like to share, please visit our facebook or send it to inari.virkkala (ät) and we'll post it to the blog!

HUM:ARC on humanitäärisen arkkitehtuurin kansainvälinen verkosto. HUM:ARC ja sen jäsenet ovat osa Ukumbi Ry:tä. Meitä yhdistää vahva sitoumus kulttuurisidonnaiseen ja ekologiseen rakentamiseen sekä osallistavaan suunnitteluun; tavoitteenamme on käyttää asiantuntemustamme kriisialueiden asukkaiden hyväksi ja samalla viedä suomalaista arkkitehtuuriosaamista maailmalle.

Monday 12 December 2011

Kouk Khleang Youth Center to be on site in January 2012

Our apologies for the quietness at the HUM:ARC site! The year 2011 has been extremely active for both Komitu and the Sra Pou Vocational School team. Sra Pou was constructed in March 2011 and Komitu's Kouk Khleang Youth Center will go on site this January!

So if you happen to be in Cambodia or around next spring please do contact us or follow our doings via Komitus tweets and Ukumbi's facebook!

Komitu has also joined forces with two great organisations: Aalto Social Impact and Aidbrella!

Monday 23 May 2011

13th Shelter Intyernational Architectural Desugn Competition for Students

Design “A house to live in the Wilderness”, for modern city dwellers.

Suggest a house in the Wilderness, in which we modern-age humans can feel both the richness and the toughness of the Wilderness, and sense our relationship to it.

The Wilderness can be of any type: deep forest, thick forest, a vast meadow in the African savannah, the South Pole, a desert, or in the sea. Or, you can design a shelter against natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes or heavy snow. The structure of the house can be timber, masonry, rammed earth, or ? if necessary - it can be made with the super-alloys that are used for spaceships.

Thursday 31 March 2011

The Wall Game: No Place To Hide

Corrado Curti has shared with HUM:ARC an interesting project: an online database of maps, which aim to highlight projects and practices that deploy (or have deployed) architectural and urban instruments to confront the complex problematic related to the spatial effects of border conditions.

They are asking for contributions so if you would like to submit a project to be published on the map you can send email to or fill in a submission form on their website.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Interesting session organised by ASF UK

“With unemployment levels amongst architects reaching almost 50% we are faced with an opportunity to rethink the scope and ambition of our professional practice. What can be done to enable ... architects to lead the architecture profession into tomorrow?

Examining where the identity of the architect as a socially disengaged and profit driven individual has come from, and questioning how and why we have lost touch with our professional remit to serve the public interest.
(Harriet Harriss)


This seminar will introduce ideas about social entrepreneurialism and expose you to basic skills needed to set up your own social enterprise.

Jonathan Essex from Bioregional, Andreas Lang from Public Works, Colin Priest from Studio Columba, Annika Grafweg and Seki Hirano from IfUntitled, Cristina Cerulli from Studio Polpo, Harriet Harriss, Katy Beinart, Nigel Lowthrop from Hill Holt Wood and more...

Some of the topics covered include:
  • The need for alternative forms of practice within architecture.
  • What is a social enterprise? Including organisational structures and operational features of social enterprises.
  • Ideas for architectural social enterprise.
  • Funding - what is this, how to get it, etc.
  • Basic principles of writing a business plan.
  • Social impact measurement.

Over the two days talks will be given on topics such as the above interspersed with case studies of organisations who push the boundaries of socially motivated design and thinking.

DATE: 2-3 APRIL 2011
TIME: 09h00 - 17h00
COST: £150 (full), £110 (discounted incl ASF members, students, pensioners, unwaged)
(Cost includes tea and coffee during the day plus lunch).

NCVO, Regent’s Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, LONDON, N1 9RL.

CONTACT: For information and bookings:

ASF-UK is a UK registered charity, concerned with education and training in the development sector. ASF-UK’s primary objective is to make global agenda issues, in particular those impacting on disadvantaged and vulnerable people, integral to the practice and teaching of architecture. For more information please go to

Monday 14 February 2011

Local vs Global international workshop in Ghana

Applications are open for the ASF-UK international workshop in Ghana

Who should apply? All built environment professionals and post graduate/masters students interested in sustainable development

What will we do during the workshop? We will explore how a rapidly developing country such as Ghana, is increasingly turning its back on local construction, in favor of western principles perceived as the vision for a modern globalised society, and try and discover the effects that this is having. We will compare traditional and contemporary construction practice in Ghana and consider the social, economic and environmental impact that the changing practices are having.

The final four days of the workshop will be a hands on design and construction practicum based around a synthesis of local and global visions for a sustainable future.

How long is the workshop and when is it? Two weeks from the 3rd - 17th September 2011

Where? Ghana

Cost? £750 (full) £700 (ASF members)

We are currently offering an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 10% for anyone that applies before the end of March.

How do I apply? Send queries to s.morley ät

Application deadline is 31st April 2011

Successful applicants will be notified within 14 days of this.

Tuesday 8 February 2011

AFH Competition: Copa Arquitectura

Competition Details

  • Name: Copa Arquitectura
  • Host: Architecture For Humanity, Nike Argentina
  • Type: Public
  • Registration Deadline: March 21, 2011
  • Submission Deadline: March 21, 2011
  • Entry Fee: $20 USD developed nations , $0 USD developing nations
  • Award: $2000 + $2000 design stipend, $1000 runner up
  • Status: open
Check the competition website for more info!

Wednesday 2 February 2011

HUM:ARC communications concept awarded!

HUM:ARC pitched itself today 2500e to develop further our communications system. Thank you AVEK for organizing the D²-pitching competition!

In order to make HUM:ARC more known and more prepared to reply to the challenges lying ahead, we will work on the webpage and the the blogs of Sra Pou and Komitu to make the best out of our pilot construction projects. We will document the processes carefully and collect the data in an easily approachable format. Stay tuned!